Are You Smothering Them with Love?


As people, we show love in many different ways such as calling, texting, showing up. But when it becomes too much, it can go from love to smothering.

You might feel that you cannot love someone too much, but the truth is that when it becomes overwhelming and overbearing, the love can be considered smothering. If you are smothering someone with too much love, it can cause them to run away.

If you are someone that loves too much, you need to realize that giving a man too much attention can cause him to become neglectful of you and your needs.

Smothering isn’t loving someone, but it is about being selfish and things being about you, and you are only. When you really love and care for someone, you do what you can in order to make them happy and do the best for them and the relationship. Sometimes this doesn’t look like what you expect, but when you smother him, you are wanting to be closer and put your own needs above his needs.

Being overbearing can scare people away in relationships and you need to know the difference between too much love and love.


Do you ever wonder why you love someone so much? Do you have feelings that you are obsessed or that you are overwhelmingly in love with them? This is what smothering looks like and this is selfish for you to be that way in any relationship.

When you smother someone in a relationship, you never consider how they are feeling and what they want from you. You might think that this is love and that you are just trying to make them happy, but the truth is, real love is not motivated around insecurity and fear of losing someone.

Love and affection are different by how you give it. If you are putting the other person first, it means you give them freedom to go out with their friends and to have a life outside of your relationship. When you love someone, you are willing to let them have their own life and to meet their needs, even when it isn’t exactly what you hoped for.

Relationships have to have time where you are apart so that you can survive and that you can each have time to breathe. If you are always around someone, the relationship will not have the freedom that it needs, and this can cause you to smother that person. It is important not to go there if you want to have a relationship that lasts.


A person that gives too much attention will make the other person become neglectful of you. If you keep asking about the future or wanting them to reassure you, this can get old. This is a way that we selfishly demand attention and want proof of how someone feels about you.

When you love someone, you wait for whatever happens and you allow the relationship to go forward as you work together to determine what you both want for the future.

You should never pressure your partner to give you reassurance or to guarantee that the future is going to be there for both of you. You need to become intimate with each other and not ask for answers before the relationship has had time to go there.


Smothering someone can come in many different forms and it isn’t always a physical thing, but it can be an emotional or a verbal thing. Do you feel that you have become interested in everything that he likes from his music to what movies and sports he likes? You can enjoy doing things with your partner, but you need to have your own hobbies and likes. Women that love someone too much will change their thoughts and their interests to match their partner, and this is not healthy for either of you.

It is much more exciting when you and your partner challenge each other and have different hobbies rather than being in a boring relationship all the time. Have different thoughts, hobbies, and beliefs than your partner and see how exciting things can be.

Loving each other means that you appreciate that they are different than you and that you are able to see them as amazing even if they are different.

Being Too Available

Women that love someone too much will always be there when their partner asks them even if it means stopping something else or giving up their time. Maybe you don’t ever ask to make plans because you don’t want to put your partner out of their life but when they call you, you will give up going out with your family or your friends to be available to them.

Being overly available is not good and it can cause him to neglect and use you. If you are always there when he calls you then you will never be able to have a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship comes when you are able to have your own self and your own things to do and then when you are going out with your partner, it is on both of your times and not just when he wants to.

Being Alone

You do not have to do everything with your partner, and you can do things with your friends, family and even yourself. When you smother your partner, it means that you never give them a break and you are always with them. It means that you cannot go to the store or go out because you are afraid, he will miss you. This is an annoying habit, and you have to stop doing this and learn to have some separation.

This is a major sign that you are insecure and if you are always going to other people to try to feel better then you need to figure out who you are and learn to build your own self-esteem.

Don’t smother your partner or he will resent you and he will pull away from the relationship. Being overbearing will cause the relationship to be vulnerable and will cause your partner to be bitter. Do not be exhausting and learn to be independent and confident in who you are.


Listen to what your body is telling others. How can you tell when you are smothering your partner? Figure out what your body is doing when you are thinking of him, calling him, texting him, driving past his house or whatever you are doing that involves him.

Do you feel stressed or anxious? Do you feel that you are upset when he doesn’t answer you or text you back? Calm down and get in control of your emotions. Stop worrying about losing him.

Your body will give you signals when you are being overwhelming and so will your partner’s body language. Pay attention o how he is acting and if he is wanting space from you. Maybe he doesn’t want you to touch him or sit too close to him because he needs to have a break from you.

Giving More Than He Does

You should give and receive in any healthy relationship. Match the energy that your partner gives and do not put yourself out all the time. When you do this, you are smothering him. Don’t give him a bunch of gifts or complements when you are not getting anything in return. Doing this can make you look clingy and needy.

Stop giving in when he needs something because even though you think you are being helpful, this is not a positive trait, and you should not be in a relationship that is not balanced.

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