Getting Someone Shy to Talk

Getting Someone Shy to Talk

It can be hard to talk to someone that is shy. Women are more about making men open up that are shy. Even though these guys are probably available, chances are that they are less likely to be open than those that aren’t shy.

Remember, a person that response positively to you might be someone that likes you, but chances are if they are shy, it can also mean they don’t really like you.

Getting Someone to Open Up

Here are some ways to get someone to open up that is shy:

  • See Them Where They Are

If you want someone to open up to you then you need to go to them where they are comfortable. If they play sports, go to one of their games or invite them up to watch sports on television with you. This can increase their self-confidence and make them more willing to open up.

When a guy feels comfortable in his place, he will be more comfortable with giving you what you want and show you that he is interested in you.

  • Shower Him with Compliments

Pay attention to things that you like about him. Build up his self esteem and show him that you like things about him. He might start showing off for you if you’re lucky.

  • Say His Name or Nickname

Notice how important he is by saying his name or nickname often. You can do this, and it can make him feel more comfortable around you and to open up to you.

  • Ask Questions, Just Not Yes or No Questions

Always ask him questions that he has to give you more information. Ask him about his job, his schooling, or his family. Make him answer you with answers that are more than just yes or no.

By asking open-ended questions you will see that he will get comfortable being around you.

  • Ask for Help

Guys love to be helpful, especially to women. Ask him to help you to change a tire, to fix something in your house or with computer help. By doing this, he will be connected to you.

Ask him what he is doing while he is fixing things so that you can learn from him and build his confidence.

  • Ask About Hobbies

Find something that you have in common with him by asking him about his hobbies and what he likes to do. Once you do this and you find things that you can bond over, you will feel that you are closer to him.

Doing this can help him to feel active in the conversation and it will help him to show you if he is interested in you or not. If he isn’t really responding, he might not really like you.

  • Tell Him to See You Again

When he leaves, tell him that you enjoyed being around him and that you would like to see him again. This will open up the conversation.

  • Touch Him

You can spend time with him, and you can get a little physical. Touch his arm or touch his leg and laugh when he says something funny. Making physical contact will open the door of affection and will give him a chance to show you that he likes you or not.

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