Be Confident and Happy!

Be Confident

Confident people are often happy people. Confidence seems to go hand in hand with success and happiness is part of your overall well-being. When you are in good relationships and you have a great job, you are probably someone that will be confident and happy.

Confidence Equals Happiness

Before you think about how confidence and happiness goes together, you have to understand that happiness is something that is hard for people to really describe. Happiness is used to define things we are feeling or what brings us joy but it is something that no one can really give you.

Confidence is when you have good self-esteem and when you are able to know who you are and to respect yourself.

Most people that are full of confidence are also happier than other people that aren’t. Here are some things about confidence and happiness:

  • One study showed that people with high self-esteem were happier, according to 200 students that were surveyed.
  • Statistics show that 47% of people find that there is a link between confidence and happiness.
  • One study showed that happiness is caused by self-esteem.

Being Satisfied in Life

People that are considered to have a lot of self-worth are often seen as people that have:

  • A confident personality.
  • They are friendly.
  • Outgoing personalities.
  • Happy.
  • Positive.
  • Optimistic.
  • Highly motivated.

While people that have low self-worth are seen as people that have:

  • Negativity.
  • Are unhappy.
  • Have few friends.
  • Socially awkward.
  • Not able to reach their goals.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Withdrawn.
  • Shy.
  • Are insecure.
  • Are quiet.
  • Depressed.
  • Dependent on other people.
  • Follow others.
  • Have a low self-image.
  • Are not motivated to reach their goals.
  • Sensitive when criticized.
  • High social anxiety.
  • Low confidence.
  • Little peace.

Failure and Success

People that have good self-esteem are able to deal with emotions and distress. They are able to learn from things that are negative. These people have a strong mindset and they don’t believe that when they mess up that they fail but they know that they can pick up and start over. The confidence that they have allows them to believe more in themselves.

Those that know who they are see that having failures means that they are learning something. They know that the failures don’t mean that they are a failure but that they are human. They know their worth and instead of being disappointed in their choices, they learn from them and grow.

Relationships and Low Self-Esteem

People that have low self-esteem are often alone. They don’t want to meet new people and they don’t want to deal with making new relationships.

Those that have strong confidence, on the other hand, are able to meet new people and they are able to believe that the world has a lot to offer them. They know when they need to be supported and they recognize those that are there to help them.

Confident People Versus Non-Confident People

People that are confident will look at their life from a different perspective. They will not see problems as self-validations. They will know that they have high worth and they know that when a problem happens, they can face it.

We all know people that compare themselves to other people. This can make you feel less than others and make you have a low self-thought. People like this often believe that they have nothing good in their life and that they are not ever going to be good enough.

People that are confident will compare themselves with other people that are confident. They will be motivated to do their best and to improve where they need improvement.

Does Self-Esteem Mean Being Happy?

Having high self-esteem can mean more happiness. People that are confident aren’t always going to be happy, but they are able to pull themselves out of dark places. There will be things that happen in everyone’s life that will cause there to be stress or frustration but the problem is the people that stay there.

It is possible to be confident and unhappy because some people that are confident don’t reach their goals like they want to do. This can cause there to be a lack of satisfaction. But those that are confident are stronger in their emotions and they are able to have a positive instead of negative outlook.

Those that are more positive are able to enjoy the people around them and they are able to improve their life and live towards their goals. Being confident can help people to be more satisfied and can bring joy and peace, thankfulness, and excitement into their life.

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