For the Single Ladies

Ladies, gather round. We’ve all been single at one point or another, and we sometimes aren’t that happy about it. Sometimes our single state comes because of another person and is very unexpected, while other times we fully embrace our single selves and have the time of our lives.

We don’t always love being single, but there are ways we can make this stage of our lives into an opportunity to make ourselves happy and healthy. Even if we feel like being single is a struggle, it’s important to embrace this part of our lives and not rush into any relationships that could be detrimental to us in the long run.

When we accept that we are single, it doesn’t mean that we are closing the door to love; it just means that we are ok with where we are, right now. When we embrace our sexy, single selves, we open the door to living our own authentic life. We become more real and focused as we learn about what makes us feel good, what we like to do, and who we are.

Instead of pretending that we are happily single or happily in a relationship, we take life one day at a time, ready for where life is taking us. As the old saying goes, love happens when you aren’t looking for it.

If you are looking to live your dream life fully and authentically, start with yourself. Invest in you. Achieve your dreams and set your own goals. People are attracted to people who carry themselves with confidence and ease, which comes from spending time with yourself. Rather than settle for the mediocre security of a bad relationship, learn to strengthen yourself from within.

Don’t give up on looking for love, but don’t give up on believing in yourself and your power, either. You are not incomplete without a partner; in fact, your strength in a relationship comes from how strong your relationship with yourself is.

Catherine Ballenger