Caring for Your Own Needs

Caring for Your Own Needs

Are you doing what it takes to meet your needs? People are needy and they need things in the physical, spiritual, emotional and all other things. The needs that people have are needs that come even as early as childhood. The things that you were taught and the way that you have learned to love yourself can be responsible for why and how you do your own self-care.

Self-care is something that some people think means that you are being selfish, but the truth is that when you are doing self-care, you are preventing yourself from being overly tired and from being burnt out in life. Life can be hard and stressful and so caring for yourself isn’t selfish, but it is important.

Abraham Maslow

There is a Hierarchy of Needs that was written by Abraham Maslow in the 40’s. He showed us that there is a pyramid that has five different layers. At the bottom are the basic needs that people have, and these needs are safety and physiological needs. The next step is the psychological needs that have to do with having self-esteem and being in certain relationships. Then is self-fulfillment and self-actualization such as religion and being enlightened and the last step is physical and spiritual needs.

Basic Needs

The basic needs are not always just the physiological needs but there are other things that you need to meet. Some things like your age, the job you have and even how many people are in your home can cause there to be a problem reaching your needs.

The needs that you have such as sleeping, hydration and other needs can be met when you take care of yourself such as turning off your computer an hour before you sleep and making sure that you set a timer to remember to drink water. Another need that people often forget about though is needing to relax and rest.

Self-Esteem and Relationships

Self-esteem and relationships are another area that needs to have self-care. You need to make sure that you are with people that love you such as family or friends. You need to show up for them and for your own personal needs, as well. By being in good relationships, you learn how to have self-esteem and how to have empathy for others.

Do you ever go out just to spoil yourself? Do you find spending time with friends as something important? Sometimes you will need to even spend time alone for your own care. Take time to journal your day or to go and take a bath. Doing these things can help you to relax and can bring you joy and peace.

Celebrate the good things that you do in your life. Even just making it through a week can be a big accomplishment and you deserve to be celebrated for that. Be proud of yourself in the things that you do. This can build your energy and help you with your self-care.

Setting Goals

You need to set goals and you can listen to your inner man to help you with these goals. Make sure that you are setting goals to meet your needs and that you are encouraging yourself to do better.

Get rid of negative things in your life and make sure that you are talking to yourself like you would talk to a friend. Clear your mind and work on all of your needs. Set self-care goals and reach them.

You can start with smaller goals such as taking a 10-minute nap each day or going outside in nature for a walk every day. You can make a self-care plan that can help you to change your mindset and to be stronger. Find joy and do what you need to keep that joy such as painting, creating something, gardening or some other hobby that makes you feel needed and happy.

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