Why You Don’t Have to Suffer

Why You Don’t Have to Suffer

Everyone talks to themselves, doing this is just something that we don’t normally tell others and so the conversation is not verbalized. This is something that you are thinking about even if you think out loud.

Being in Thought

The mind is constantly thinking and moving. Our mind doesn’t stop all day with the questions and the thoughts that we have.

If you have ever meditated, you will see that you have thoughts that come and go. Even when you don’t want to think about things, they still come.

All of the thinking that you do is powerful and if you were not thinking about something, that would be a problem. People are often confused about what they are thinking, and it sometimes causes them to mess up on things that they are doing.

Types of Thoughts

Some thoughts cause you to not be able to live the best you can live such as:

  • Being afraid of what you are thinking. Learn to take control of this.
  • Stressful thoughts that cause you to be angry.
  • Thoughts that make you feel anxious such as thinking about the future.
  • Thoughts that take your attention and distract you.

You aren’t always able to keep your thoughts in check, but you can learn to respond to your thoughts in positive ways.

One thing to know is that your thoughts are not always real, and you do not have to always believe them.

Believing in Your Thoughts

Even though everyone thinks at all times, these thoughts are not always true. Sometimes your thoughts are there to tell you a story and to help you interpret what you just saw around you. Not all of the thoughts are real.

When you keep your thoughts in check, you have to know if they are true or not and if they aren’t, this can cause bad things in your life.

You must deal with yourself and your thoughts to live a good life.

You Can Choose to Suffer

Some thoughts come out of nowhere and others come over and over again. These are thoughts that come from your mind.

When you imagine thoughts, you have different ways that you can process them such as:

  • Making mental notes at the moment.
  • Learning to let go of thoughts that cause you pain.

Letting Them Go

Once you learn to let go of your thoughts, you can have a happier life. You can take your thoughts and know that they are a temporary thing.

This allows you not to be captive by your thoughts when they are negative. You can make mental notes and learn to see if your thoughts are real or not. What emotion is with that thought?

Thinking of your thoughts and how they make you feel instantly can help you to have a conscious thought. It can help you to use your thoughts and your experiences to have power to have better intentions.

How to note your thoughts with action:

  • Observe what happens to you that makes you have that thought.
  • Note that you are being curious and describe your thought.
  • Let the feeling pass by you.

When you are not taking time to address your thought, you are allowing it to be in your mind. You have to know that you can work through your thoughts and keep your mind in check.

Letting Go of Recurring Thoughts

People often have recurring thoughts, and this can cause them to have no satisfaction in their life. These thoughts are thoughts that should be different, but you keep them the same.

These thoughts come over and over again and they bring stress in your life. You have to learn to identify thoughts that cause you to suffer.

When you know that you are thinking something that will make you suffer, you can decide if the thought is true or not and then do what you have to so that you can push the negative thought away.

Your thoughts can make you suffer, and you have to find a way to be free of these thoughts. There are ways that you can do this such as asking questions and turning your thoughts around.


Make sure that you ask questions as to why you are having certain thoughts. What is causing you to feel that way?

Once you identify your thought, you need to ask:

  • Is this thought true? If not, did we address the fact that this is a story that we are creating?
  • Are you positive that this thought is true? Are there any parts of it that are not true? Be truthful with yourself.
  • How are you going to react to your thought? Does it make you feel peaceful or angry? What emotions does it give you?
  • Who would you be if this thought weren’t inside of you? How would you be different?

Turn it Around

Figure out what you are thinking and if it is a story. Are you judging yourself or others? Are you being honest?

When you learn to understand this, you can begin to let things go. There are different ways that you can turn things around, and you can start to do the opposite.

Turn your statements around and make them true:

  • I need to stop criticizing myself and to be kinder to myself.
  • I should be nicer to people in my life. My actions need to be better.
  • People should be nicer to me, but I need to understand why they are acting the way that they are.

The thoughts that you have can cause you to miss out on the truth. When you find the truth, you can let go of those thoughts and learn to love yourself and others.

What Your Thoughts Are

You need to see your thoughts for what they are. If they are lies, you need to address this, if they are there to make you sad, notice it. When you learn to notice your thoughts, it gives you power to be in control of how you respond to things.

This can help you to have peace in your life. Note how your thoughts make you feel and what kind of conflict they cause you. Once you stop believing all of the thoughts that you have, you can learn to live a more productive and happy life.

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