Harness Your Power Wisely

Harness Your Power

Every person has unique power.  We all have an impactful voice, and it is up to us how we choose to use it.  This voice helps shape how the world views us, and how we wish to interact with others, and how we seek to improve our lives.  This is tied to our divine gift of freewill.

Many people don’t understand our gifts, let alone how to wield them.  We can opt to use our talents in a positive or harmful way.  You may have been bullied as a child.  You could channel your trauma into rage and become dangerous like Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden.  Or could work to heal your hurt by helping others like Malala Yousafzai.  Consider the collective good or harm if our global population of over 7 billion people chose one option over the other.  We could either enjoy of world of love and peace, or one of death, destruction, and hatred.

Your voice is just one voice out of many.  However, it has boundless potential.  Channel your voice into a tone of self-growth, and helping others.  By choosing positivity, you can become an inspiration to many.  Essentially you are encouraging others to “pay it forward.”

Think about how you are currently using your gifts and power.  Are you uplifting individuals and communities?  How can you refine your power to be more of a blessing?  What do you need in your life to foster more lightness and hope in your life?  Start small.  Achieving some victories can inspire you to tackle more lofty aspirations.  Then teach your loved ones how to harness their power.  You all can learn countless lessons and gain untold opportunities through this process.

Your power is your power.  By using your freewill you can chart the course of your life to broaden opportunities and impact.  Commit to a mission of being a voice of hope, encouragement, love, and light to all you encounter.  This will create a ripple effect of raising your personal vibrations as well as the whole of humanity!

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