Moving past self-harm

Moving past self-harm

Some find it hard to survive the urge to harm themselves. First they have to decide to stop, then, after some time passes, they get rid of the tools of their abuse.

The urge tor self-harm is linked to depression. Some use it to cope. When they move past the self-harm, they have to find a way to deal with the depression.

Unfortunately, it is easier said than done.  When the wave of depression rolls in, they have the struggle to stay away from the self-harm.  There are the moments of distraction where they can try to motivate themselves by looking at their scars.  These scars are always their to remind them of  their struggle.  The scars are a testimony of the times they lost control.  It is hard to explain to someone the pain and emotion that can only be overcome by external pain; the kind pain they can control.

The fact is that self-harm doesn’t help. Depression is a harsh master, laying for the temptation to finally end it for good.  The fact that the person doesn’t only proves the strength and desire to overcome.

Eventually the urge to self- harm can be overcome.  Depression doesn’t have to win. You can survive and emerge stronger.

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