Positive effects of meditation for your soul, body, and mind

Positive effects of meditation for your soul, body, and mind

Meditation can benefit your soul, body, and mind in numerous ways. Other effects can change your life as well.

Meditation could be a simple practice, but the benefits are so great, they can change your entire life.

Meditation occurs on the whole body and can benefit you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It connects you to your inner self in a way that you are able to sense defects in your wellbeing.

  1. It calms the nervous system

Meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system thus calming the body and the nerves. It, therefore, lowers the heart rate, blood pressure, lowers stress hormones, better digestion, strong immunity, and longer life expectancy.

With an overactive nervous system, one is unable to eat, relax or sleep, therefore exists a tendency to fall ill easily.

  1. Meditation helps with weight loss

It connects the mind and body, boosting the communication between the two. The mind, therefore, understands the body needs. Weight gain is caused by careless eating. You can use meditation to practice good eating habits. The more your mind connects with your body, the easier it is to stay healthy and maintain proper weight.

  1. Meditation improves sleep.

By calming down the nervous system, it helps your body relax and easy to fall asleep. It gets rid of worries and thoughts from the mind as you sleep at night.

  1. You become a happier and peaceful person through meditation

If you have seen Buddha statues, they are always smiling. Meditation induces happiness. It helps you understand your thoughts, and also provides you with tools to relieve yourself of stress. It brings everything into a clear perspective by providing you with skills and time to review the bigger picture and let go of stuff. When you know how to clear your mind, take care of your emotions, you live a happier and peaceful life.

  1. It increases your productivity

If you have problems with ADD and can never stay calm over time, meditation could be your solution. It helps you ignore distractions leading to better productivity, clarity, focus and great decision making. There is always plenty of time to accomplish tasks when you are in a position to slow down and just focus on the present. Meditation can help you achieve this.

  1. It provides you with creativity and inspiration

There exist great wisdom and inspiration deep within, but there exist many distractions that prevent us from noticing these. Through meditation, we are able to clear our mental chatter in order to improve creativity. When you’re frantically searching for a solution and you don’t find it, later when you relax, the solution just flows to you. This relaxed and open state can be achieved through meditation.

  1. Meditation lets you know that you and your mind are two separate entities

Don’t believe it? Trust me, the mind is something else.

Most of the time we identify with the voices in our heads and assume they are us.

If you feel like screaming at and punching someone in the face, you always assume anger and aggressiveness, but that is not true. These human feelings are different from our goodness and peace within.

Through meditation, we are able to watch our lives unfold like a movie in which we are the main character. The separation from experiences helps us acquire greater peace and we learn that we aren’t supposed to take everything personally. It’s a movie and your role is human. Do your best and always remember your true essence is really wide and so much deeper.

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