5 Fast Methods to Improve Your Self-Worth

5 Fast Methods to Improve Your Self-Worth

Self-esteem is a topic people seldom discuss, but it critical to our well being.  Self-esteem is focused on one knowing their value and talents.  If you struggle with self-esteem, you aren’t alone.  Thankfully, there are a number of tools we can use to gain confidence in our abilities and role in society.

Here are five rapid ways you can boost your self-esteem starting today:

  1. Accept your thoughts, emotions and feelings at face value

The is no reason to judge your inner world, as it will only cause you pain and stress.  Thoughts, emotions and feelings are neutral until our inner voices put labels on them.  Adapt a mindset that these impulses are merely fleet.  Observe them, seek to understand what they are telling you and be willing to change your perspective if these sensations are not benefiting your life.

  1. Release expectations

The word “should” is unhelpful in creating a confident mindset.  It connotes judgement and fosters limiting beliefs.  Instead reframe “should” statements into “could” statements to open up a world of possibilities and opportunities for you.

  1. Realize only YOU can define your self-worth

People aren’t the authors of your happiness, YOU ARE!  When you put expectations onto people, they will undoubtedly let you down.  All labels, positions, relationships and roles are external factors that can leave our life in the blink of an eye.  What is enduring is your character and value-system.

  1. Practice forgiveness

When you hold onto resentment you only drag your energy down.  Shame, regret and guilt also are toxic to one’s self-esteem or self-worth.  When you practice forgiveness, remember to start with yourself first.  We can only love others, when we can love ourselves.

  1. Honor your abilities

Everyone has talents, and its up to us to nurture them.  Notice how your abilities can be used in the service to others.  Begin by looking at the small gifts that you might typically overlook.  How do they bring us enjoyment?  In what ways can we strengthen these talents so we can help ourselves and others more readily?  Celebrate your skills and use them to help heighten you sense of worthiness.

This simple five aspects, when practiced diligently and mindfully can help our self-esteem blossom.  As you grow in confidence and joy you will attract other people that are healthy and balanced individuals.  You will also experience the added benefit of becoming a role model to others who might be struggling with self-esteem issues.  Although it might be rocky at times as you active choose to associate with healthier-minded individuals don’t give up entirely on these people.  Look on both yourself and them with compassion.  Keep on your journey to self-betterment.

Self-worth is rooted in radically accepting and honoring your spirit.  This includes all your quirks!  As we gain self-esteem, we can hone our talents and understand the value it has within society and the lives of our loved ones.  Know that it is common for people to become uncomfortable or reactions as they see us progressing in our life’s journey.  This is especially true in codependent bonds.  Set firm boundaries with people in your life and know when a relationship is so toxic to your well being that you must walk away (at least for the time being).  Choose to focus your time on your support system who provides you a steady stream of love, light, hope and encouragement.

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