6 Destructive Habits You Need to Begin Breaking Today

6 Destructive Habits You Need to Begin Breaking Today

People desire to improve their life, but they are often the biggest obstacle to achieving personal success.  It typically is the person’s ego that keeps in the way of living a life of purpose and fulfillment.  We typically can become self-destructive without even recognizing the signs.  They might even become conscious of the fact but lack the skills or knowledge to correct the behavior.

Here is list of six common hurdles that you can work start working on today to correct:

  1. Calm the gremlins

Have you become overly concerned about how people perceive you?  Is your fear of failing rooted in thinking people might think less of you or your skills?  Perhaps you are concerned about not living up to your expectations or goals in life.  Do you share with others prior to try, that you feel like you are undeserving of success in order to potential safeguard you from future pain?  If any of the prior scenarios resonate with you, then you probably are struggling with atychiphobia, or fear of failure.  Begin to process that failure will happen to you at times and won’t result in life ending for you.

Even the most prestigious of people, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Dwayne Johnson, and Warren Buffet have failed at some point in their life.  Failure allows you to learn vital lessons to help you refine a particular strategy so you can maximize the benefits of the initiative.  Over come the negative self-speak by objectively looking at all the moving parts, practice positive thinking, and imagine the worst-case outcome to soothe your worries and better set realistic goals.

  1. Don’t fear success

You may be causing these roadblocks in your life because you are afraid that if you find success it won’t last.  The fear of success lingers in the recesses of our mind and can pop up unexpectedly like feeling you are close to a major breakthrough only for it to something to immediate bring everything to a halt.  People can have these fears for an array of reasons, such as feeling like a different person, anxiety of greater responsibility or concerns they won’t wield this new people with savvy.  Success is blessing that everyone deserves to enjoy.  Navigate the path by find ways to stay true to yourself and your values.  Remember not everyone will be satisfied with your work, so it’s import that you feel confident in your decisions.

  1. Focus on pleasing yourself, not others

Consider how the following statements resonate to you:

  • I want everyone to like me
  • I’m scared/I try to avoid disagreeing with people
  • I never speak my mind
  • I never say no (I’m a yes-man)
  • I never get angry
  • I never tell someone how I feel, even when they make me angry
  • I’d rather go along with the pack than stand my ground

If any of these hit too close to home, then it’s time for you to reclaim your power.  It’s ok to be a bit selfish and prioritize your own needs.  No one wants to feel like a doormat in their own life!  Although thinking of others is healthy, being a people pleaser is not.  These individuals can easily become manipulated, resentful, overwhelmed and suffer from mental health problems.  They might also develop other health issues due to the stress and potentially unhealthy coping mechanism.  When you focus on yourself, you will rediscover what is important to you and once again build up confidence and self-worth.

  1. No one likes a critic!

When you criticize or judge someone you promote negative energy within and around you.  This negative will damage people self-worth, self-esteem and sabotage their plans for growth.  Again, this negativity will also cling onto you as well.  Niceness gets rewarded in time, and kind people often seems to achieve more of their and society’s goals.  Next time, before you criticize or judge someone, take a moment to wake in their shoes and view the situation from their point of view.

  1. Seize the moment

Never let perfectionism be the enemy of good enough.  When you constantly strive to make things “better,” you miss out on the lessons of the moment.  Procrastination can set in and cause you to become lazy.  This will hinder your ability for self-growth and achieving your goals.  To stop procrastinating, create a list of actions you wish to achieve and set some realistic actions steps that can be easily achieved.  By successfully completing these goals you will build up motivation and confidence.

  1. Stop hurting yourself

Talking negatively to yourself only stops your from succeeding.  You begin to question your self-worth and lose the ability to try, let alone achieve your goals.  When you feel the need to talk like this, consider what your subconscious is really trying to tell you.  There may be hidden issues you need to confront and purge from your psyche.  Once you understand what is going on, try seeing things from a positive lens.  This can be a balm for your weary soul and give your greater courage to try to tackle your goals and action steps.  In the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

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