What is Your Purpose and Your Calling in Life?

What is Your Purpose and Your Calling in Life?

It is important in your life that you are pulled to something that you love. Your purpose will be something that you love to do, and it can be related to a different place, some kind of hobby or something else. Listening to what you love to do is important and a big part of your calling.

What is My Calling?

Your calling is something that you want to be a part of and something you want to do. When you connect with different people and you find that you have a strange pull towards them, it can be a sign that it is your calling. Maybe you love to be around firemen or policemen or maybe you love to travel to different areas of the world.

Most callings will help you to show the world love and to bring peace and happiness to others. Maybe you will want to learn a new language and you want to connect with people from different areas of the world.

Your calling should teach you to heal others and help them. It should make you feel empathy towards the cause and should help you to give love to others.

Just because you have a calling doesn’t mean it is going to be easy to follow. Sometimes a calling will be hard or dangerous and sometimes it will be hard to reach your calling.

You might find that you become confused about what your calling is and you want someone to lead you or give you clues but even after you still have a hard time figuring it out.

Learn to be true to who you are and to listen.

Listen to Your Heart

Take time to listen to your heart and let your heart guide you. Everyone has callings and they can be big or small, but they are all important. Part of your life purpose is to follow your calling and do what you are meant to do.

Listen and Act

Learn to listen and act on your calling. Figure out what is calling you and work to do it. Not everyone can follow their calling and sometimes you have to grow and change before you will be able to reach what your purpose in life is.

Listening to your heart can help you to know what your calling and your purpose is and help you to take action to your calling. You can be useful and strong, and you can spend time figuring out what your calling is and listen to it.


Here are some things that can show if you are listening to your calling. Remember that your calling will be something that brings love and light to the world.

Catches You

Pay attention to what catches you when you are reading or talking to someone. Maybe you want to write or do something great.


Take time to reflect on the callings you have done in the past. Did they make you feel that you were making a difference? If your old callings are not bringing life to you, let them go and make space for a new calling.


Write down in your journal what you are feeling. Ask yourself questions such as, “What is my calling?” and “What makes me happy?” Your calling will let you know what you are meant to do.


Ask your family and friends what they think you are good at and what they think your calling is. Ask them questions and if they answer yes, know that you are reaching your calling.


Follow callings that have honor and value in your life. If you do not feel that your calling is valuable, then you are probably not listening to your heart.

Live your life by honoring others and by creating a place of love and happiness in the world and you will find your real purpose in life.

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