Growing Past a Fixed Mindset

Past a Fixed Mindset

One of the biggest things about becoming a manager is being able to have a mindset of growth. The idea of a mindset is that you are able to work to improve your life and you are always open to new ideas and opportunities. This is a growth mindset.

A good leader will have a good growth mindset because they want to be challenged and they want to be able to solve problems. They will be excited about their job and their bosses will be surprised about their performances.

A person that doesn’t have a growing mindset has a set mindset. This means that everything they do is already determined and that they have to have certain skills to do what they do. These people focus on what is going on in their life and they see things as black and white. They believe that you either have good skills and talents or you don’t and there is no grey area. These people often miss out on good opportunities because of their negative thinking.

The choice of mindset that you have will depend on how you behave. If you believe that you are smart and that you have amazing traits, you will see that you can change and that you can reach our goals.

All or Nothing

You do not have to have the mindset that things are all or nothing. You can strive to grow, and you can work towards a growth mindset, but you can also have a set mindset in certain things. If you are a leader and you are open about the way that you lead your people, you will see that you have a strong opinion and that your mindset might be set, but you probably will see other ways of thinking as well.

If you are a leader and you micromanage everyone in the company, you most likely have issues with trust. You probably found that you messed up in your job at the beginning or you had a parent that was always babying you or always forcing you to act a certain way. This means that you have a different perspective of others and that you learn to take things the way that they come.

A new employee in a company will have no trust issues with the people they work with because they don’t know them. They will then be more open, and growth minded because they will need to see how their people work and how the business grows. They will learn to have standards and to exercise their trust and belief because they will have nothing else to stand on.

A good leader should be to have a mindset where they allow opportunities to come and help them to develop. They should be someone that is able to think for themselves and to act on their feelings and skills.

Things to Ask

Here are some things you should ask yourself:

  • Why am I in the position I am in?
  • What am I thinking and what kind of thoughts do I have about this work?
  • What am I missing?
  • What opportunities are in front of me?
  • What can this situation teach me?
  • What are some good things that I can build up on?

Changing Your Mindset

Look deep into your mind and figure out what you do and what you are thinking. You are responsible for these things:

  • How you look at your own self.
  • How you allow people to live and experience life.
  • What you can and cannot do.
  • How you face the world.

Be responsible for your thoughts and let your thoughts give you a good mood and good behaviors.

Ways to Have a Growth Mindset:

  • Learn to believe in your own skills.
  • Change the way that you view your successes and failures.
  • Look at what you are strong at.
  • Look at what you are weak at.
  • Ask questions even if they seem silly.
  • Accept challenges and do your best to succeed in them.
  • Have a passion and be passionate about what you do.
  • Work hard and pay attention in your life.
  • Inspire yourself and others in your world.

Having a growth mindset will help you to be confident in your workplace and will help you to reach your purpose. Remind yourself that you can live a positive life and you can grow.

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