Fear of Success

Fear of Success

Do not be afraid of failing.  Failing comes with success and everyone has to fail sometimes in order to move on and find something better.  If you are in a relationship and you feel that you are vulnerable and you are afraid of failing, chances are you will never succeed.

Succeeding means that you didn’t fail but sometimes people will not try to succeed because they are afraid of failure.

When you be afraid, you will know.  This can be fear of success or fear of not being good enough or fear of failure.  You might be afraid of succeeding because success is not known.  Even if you have a plan and you want to be successful, you might not know what is next.  You might feel good about what you are doing but be afraid of meeting your goals because then you will have to know what next step to take.

When you ask yourself, “Now what?” chances are that you are afraid of what is coming next.  You will see that your goals can help you to be successful and then when you start to meet your goals, you will begin to ask yourself questions.

Setting Apart

Success can set you apart from people that you are used to being around.  You might lose friends and break away from your family or co-workers.  Maybe you are afraid that your relationships will change if you become successful and this will cause you to not push yourself to find your own ambitions.


Sometimes we have expectations when we want to succeed.  If you succeed everyone will see that you are able to do more than you ever expected.  People will know that you are strong and able to reach your goals.


What kind of goals do you have?  If you have these goals, work towards being successful even if you are afraid:

  • Goal to make more money.
  • Goal to meet more people.
  • Goal to make more friends.
  • Goal to become education.
  • Goal to find a better job.
  • Goal to be in a steady relationship.
  • Goal to reach the top in your company.
  • Goal to have children.
  • Goal to control your thoughts and emotions.
  • Goal to own your own business.


Each and every goal that you have is important.  Do not give up on your goals because you are afraid or because you are afraid of what life will bring you.  With success often times comes fear but you can work through that and learn to be strong.

Be strong in yourself and allow yourself to be happy and successful.

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