Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way

When you don’t really know who you are and you feel lost, you need to figure this out.  This is not something that you have to worry about and eventually you will come to know yourself.  Society has always put in your mind about who they say that you are, and this can cause you to feel aggravated and stressed.

Not knowing who you are can cause you not to be grounded and can cause you to be confused and frustrated.  You will never be happy, and you will move from job to job and relationship to relationship.  You will not know what you should be doing.

You will keep on this cycle until you discover who you really are.  If you want to be confident in who you are, you will find your strengths and your weaknesses and what your destiny really is.

Finding Yourself

You might feel that you are struggling to find who you are and some of the reasons could be:

  • You might feel that you are struggling to find who you are and some of the reasons could be:
  • You are from a dysfunctional family.
  • You have low self-esteem.
  • You are influenced by television and other media about who you are.
  • You do not have support.
  • You are around people that are fake.
  • You have habits that do not let you find yourself.

Dysfunctional Family

If you had a bad childhood, this could impact the way you see yourself.  Maybe you were raised with no morals or no true development.  If you were abused or mistreated, you would not have had time for yourself and you would not have played or explored life.  This could cause you to be dependent on the world.

Dysfunctional families can cause people to feel punished and not to be able to move on in life.  This can cause people to be terrified of the world and deep down not know who they really are.

Low Self-Esteem

If you have low self-esteem it can be because of your dysfunctional family or because you feel unworthy about yourself. Maybe someone in your life always led you to believe that you weren’t good enough and you were unlovable.

Think about your mind and know that the more dirt and nasty stuff that is put in it, the more it will believe the negative things.  When you want to see yourself clearly, you have to work harder and wipe your mind clean.

Influenced by Television or Media

Media and television can cause us to have a negative outlook on our life.  You see people in the perfect light on television and you want to be like them.  No one will ever have the perfect hair, body or attitude.  You will never have the body you want, and this can cause you to feel bad about yourself.

Companies in the world have done what they can to make people feel bad about themselves.  These different commercials and products make you feel that you are ugly or fat.

The media has an interest in making money and they don’t care who you are or how you feel.  This can cause you to feel insecure and it is all because of money that they want so they will try to sell you a product to make you better.

Surrounded by Fake People

When you are around people that are miserable, you will be miserable.  You need to know what you feel about yourself and not let other people influence you.

If you have low self-esteem, chances are you will attract the same type of people.  This causes people to be in toxic relationships.

When you are around people that are confused about who they are, this can cause you to be confused too.  This can make you feel vulnerable and misunderstood.  You may also feel insecure.

The people around you can make you feel bad about yourself, even more than you do.  This can end up making you feel alone, even if you are around a group of people.

No Time for Yourself

You might find that you have habits that cause you to be busy.  When you are too busy, you cannot do soul searching and this means that you can have a meaningless life.

Life choices can get you down and make you feel trapped.  They can cause you to feel fake and to not be able to be free.

You have to learn to be free and to get rid of blockages in your life.  Here are some reasons why you have not found yourself:


When you are about you, you do not take time to look deep in your soul.  This can cause you to represent yourself falsely and make you put on a mask.  You will not take time to show your true self.

When you have soul loss, it happens when you forget to find your true soul.  This is when you have strong feelings of anger, sadness and depression.  This can make you feel lonely.  If you would connect with your soul, you would find that you would not suffer as much.

Finding your true self means that you are no longer fake.  It allows you to guard who you are and to not feel empty.  You will no longer lose yourself if you find who you truly are.

When you are not wild or looking inside, it causes you to feel empty and to be bored.  It makes you lack the excitement in life and makes life seem like an illusion.

When you are true to yourself, you will find that you have strong relationships, that you are creative, fun, happy, excited.  When you are stuck in your old ways, you become volatile, stuck, dry, frail, tired, depressed, unsure, weak, disgusted and angry.

Becoming Yourself

You can become yourself again.  You have to be honest and you have to learn to find yourself.  You will see that your relationships will get better and you will see how beautiful you are.

You will be happier in your job and you will have a happier family.  You will be stronger in all things that you do.  You can get there, here are some ways you can find who you really are:

  • Take time out alone.
  • Purge yourself emotionally.
  • Find what you need.
  • Figure out what you want in life.
  • Be okay with yourself.
  • Travel.
  • Find new hobbies.
  • Say goodbye to people that are not helpful in your life.
  • Get rid of fake friends.
  • Connect with your inner self.
  • Connect with your wild side.

You can do these steps and you can experiment for what works for you.  When you make time for yourself, you will see that you can distance yourself from negative things around you that cause you to be confused and scared.

You don’t have to get rid of everyone and everything, just take time in your day to think on your life and to meditate.

Don’t worry if you do this alone.  You need to be alone so that you can have time for you.

Write down things and draw about what you want in life. Don’t hide things from yourself.  Be free.  Get out all of the things in your mind that upset you.

Figure out what you want in life and what you need.  Write them down and do not negotiate what you want.  Focus on you and what you need.  Let your desires run wild.

Understand what you need and then align your soul with it.  Live close to nature, find a new job, make new friends.

Consider what kind of purpose you have in life.  Forget about what everyone else wants for you and do what makes you happy.  Live your life and don’t worry about other people.  Search your soul and live.

Embrace who you are and practice being responsible to yourself.  Do what you need to do and work towards being happy.  Don’t seek approval from others and only worry about what you want and accept you for who you are.

Don’t worry about rules and society.  Change how you think and let your mind help you through this.

Find out what style you have and what you like and don’t like.  Figure out what it means to be successful and happy.  Know who you are and not what others think of you.

Once you figure these things out, write them down.  Write down what things you would like to do and some travel destinations.  Look at books and videos on new places to visit.  Find out what you are passionate about and go for that goal in life.

Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to people that don’t want you to be you.  Be true to who you are and don’t let others take away your happiness.

Learn to make your circle small and be around people that make you happy.  Figure out which people do something positive for your life and who doesn’t.  Remove them. Don’t be afraid of this step and redesign yourself to be happy.  It will be hard but worth it.


Reconnect with your spiritual self and look deep inside.  Stop pretending and be truthful about who and what you are.

Find out what is in the core of you and practice allowing your soul to shine.  Get rid of your doubt and shame. Don’t be insecure and don’t listen to the opinions of others.  If you make mistakes, fix it and move on.

Get on your wild side and live a happy life.  Reconnect deep with in and find your passions and hopes.  Learn to connect with your body and your inner being.  Listen to what your body is telling you.

Meditate and be mindful of yourself.  Tune into your body and your mind.  Understand your experiences and write them down so you will remember them.


Finding yourself will be a journey but it will be worth it.  Never be lost in life again and stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

When you find yourself, don’t lose yourself.  Stay on the path to self-growth and know that one day you will reach your goals and find your true self.

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