You will never find happiness in life. Here’s why


Maybe you are not a happy individual and that’s why you are reading this article. or you think you should happy in life that you are right now.

Seems like you’ve read quite a number of articles including “top ten things you should do” and most of them didn’t work. Maybe your instincts tell you those things cannot work and that’s why you have not tried them.

Discover why things don’t work out in your life and have hope that maybe in future you will find happiness. In case you are looking for a miracle then you better not continue reading this article.


You assume that other individuals can make you happy, that’s the problem. if that’s what you think then you are risking your life by putting your happiness in other people’s hands. There is a high chance you will be miserable than happy when other people take control of your happiness.

Nobody can make you happy be it a perfect boss, a new friend or even an alien. People will hurt you knowingly and unknowingly because they are also human just like you.

You can’t be a source of happiness to others and other individuals will always be unable to make you happy but can definitely make you unhappy be it an abusive partner or even someone you love.

Below are things you can do regarding relationships and happiness

ACHIEVEMENTS ARE NOT HAPPINESSBe around individuals who support you and want to see you win and avoid being around those who want to hurt you knowingly and see you miserable. While being around supportive individuals make sure your unhappiness doesn’t affect them.

Acknowledge the fact that you will be hurt from time to time by even the loveliest and positive people. Know that you are responsible for your own happiness.

Being in a not so good mood when you are disappointed is normal however; you should be okay after some time.

People can make you just a bit happier or miserable but they can’t make you happy completely. Therefore don’t let other individuals be in charge of your happiness and let them not be the ones making you unhappy and miserable.

You will be happy in life if you do away with people who drag you behind. But it’s quite unfortunate that this is always not the case.

There will always be other things that will make you unhappy in life. It’s not easy to have a happy relationship if you are unhappy. And you should have chased negative individuals away if you were a happy person. In short:

  • Negative individuals are the reason you are unhappy in life
  • If you are still unhappy although there are no negative individuals in your life then read on


This should really make you happy. Let’s get deeper into this.

Other individuals can’t make you happy that’s what we concluded in our previous discussion.

Shopping is a short term source of happiness. You can be happy you have bought something then after a while your happiness is cut short. There is nothing you possess in this world that will make you have eternal happiness.

Study indicates that our happiness is shortly influenced by good things such as winning the lottery or bad things like accidents. After some time you will either be happy or unhappy.

Therefore shopping or sex will never bring you happiness at least not long term happiness.

  • Shopping is equivalent to short term happiness
  • Addictions also short term happiness
  • It is through addictions that you’ll get to unnecessary shopping which later make you unhappy.


Although money will never make you happy, having none of it can make your life miserable. You will definitely not be happy if you have responsibilities and you can’t undertake them since you don’t have money.

Being worried means you lose everything.

It is just like being with individuals, both money and a shitty relationship will make you unhappy but having a little bit of them contributes to your long-term happiness.

Therefore money can really contribute to your happiness but just for some time like relationships. You can’t be happy if you’re poor.

Even if you have money in your bank account, you will be unhappy at some point in life but not stressed a bit. Although money can’t buy happiness, it can help you solve many problems, make you less stressed and not pressured.

You are still unhappy even if you have a lot of money? Read on


You are likely to confuse happiness with achievements. You may feel happy when you’ve achieved something but that’s just for some time.

This is because your brain would rather not forget your failures but forget your successes.  You, therefore, end up remembering your failures but forget your achievements.

Successes don’t come with long-term happiness and that’s why you forget about everything after a while. If you are unable to deal with your fears then failure will always be part and parcel of you and dealing with it might become difficult.

Having a list of your achievements helps a lot. it enables you to fight fear and discover how wonderful you are. However, it doesn’t guarantee long-term happiness.

  • To feel happy and good in your skin you definitely will need achievements.
  • Real happiness is not as a result of achievements.


Study indicates that there are some things that increase your happiness level

  • Exercising regularly
  • Interacting with people
  • Doing important work
  • Not being exhausted with work
  • Appreciation

Your happiness level is as a result of these things. The fact that they contribute to your level of happiness doesn’t mean they will transform you from an unhappy individual to a happy individual. It is quite unfortunate that the doors to unending happiness are difficult to open.

If you are an introvert and don’t interact with people there’s a high chance you’ll be unhappy sooner or later. Although being an introvert might help you succeed in life, it’s advisable to interact with other people since we’re human.

Sooner or later you’ll have health problems if you don’t take care of your body. These health problems will make you desperate, although you’ll feel great after exercising you won’t be a happy person forever.

If you are not happy at work, feel like you aren’t making any contribution it becomes difficult to be happy. You have located most of your time to work therefore you can’t hate what you do and be happy.

Being a workaholic also contributes to unhappiness. That moment you’ll discover that you have a lot of work to do, you’ll be working under pressure which will make you go crazy you will, therefore, have to bid goodbye to happiness.

If you don’t appreciate what life offers you it becomes difficult to be happy. Appreciation can make you change your view about life. However, it doesn’t make you happy but can make you peaceful and more grateful.


There is the creation of a big gap between expectations and reality by the media. The media show us a positive part of life. In the media everybody is happy.

The media world is very far from reality. People experience challenges every day. They are always sad and miserable it’s not a paradise it’s a fight.


If you update your inner dialogue in the wrong way it won’t be enough.

It is through new experience that you will be able to rewrite your childhood experience the ultimate way. Through a comfortable environment that pays attention to your needs, you encounter a new relationship that becomes your inner voice. it may take work but it’s the only thing to do for you to be happy.

It is through age that your unhappiness will be able to grow stronger. To be happy, there are some things you need to do. However, they are not simply the way some articles portray them.

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