5 reasons why a good cry is good for you

5 reasons why a good cry is good for you

How is crying good for you?

It lowers blood pressure

Following therapy sessions during which patients cried and vented, it has been discovered that crying lowers blood pressure and pulse rate immediately. High blood pressure impacts a person negatively; it can damage the heart, blood vessels and lead to stroke and heart failure.

It’s a stress reliever

The ability to cry hinders humans from getting chronic stress which can increase the risk of heart attack, and destroy specific areas of the brain. A good cry can provide a temporary release especially for family caregivers and it might not be as effective as something like respite care.

Tears remove toxins

According to Frey, crying removes toxins from the body. Tears help in the elimination of stress hormones that build up when we have problems and can harm the body. Crying helps us start another journey on a clean slate.

Lead to the reduction of manganese

Crying reduces the body’s manganese level. High levels of manganese can be linked with anxiety, aggression, and irritability.

Acknowledge your emotions and humanity

Humans are the only beings who shed tears in response to emotional stress. Crying helps us embrace our feelings. It is, in fact, an important social function. It brings us closer to each other.

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