Limiting Our Minds

Limiting Our Minds

How often do you see a car?  What kind of car can you think of in your mind?  Can you see anything about the car that you can remember?  The windows, the wheels or the frame?  What about the lights and how the doors open?  What do you remember about the mirrors?  Why does our mind limit us to what we remember and what we see?

We Think We Know

Sometimes we tend to think that we know more things than we really do.  When people understand that they are familiar with something, and someone tries to explain how something works step by step, they find the person to be ignorant and do not want to listen.

We tend to think that we know more than we do because we only want to have to rely on other people when we don’t know how something works.  When we figure out how to operate things then we believe that our knowledge is then better than someone else’s.  If we can be aware of this, we will have more impact on how we live.


When we listen to other people or people give their ideas or thoughts, we automatically form biases, and this is not good.  We think we are always right, and we believe that our thinking will be good, but it really just stunts our growth.

Not everyone understands the United States before people stepped up and gave their opinions.  Not all countries and states were able to succeed before people told how they believed.

People sometimes think they know more than anyone else because they are able to google answers and find successful people and companies that they can mention so that they have evidence.  Even though their opinion is no different than someone else’s, it makes us more comfortable.


When we get to the point where we have to listen to another person’s argument then we are skeptical and biases appear.  Participants can know things and give the right answers, but we are automatically critical of them because we feel that our answers are better and more reasonable.

Think Clearly

We can fight our own biases by letting go of thoughts that make us feel that we are always right.  If our views are different, we need to seek out alternative views and just hear them out.

Overcoming Biases

Next time an outcome happens that does not fit what you expected, think about it and try to udnestand someone else’s mind.  Did someone do something right and the outcome came out differently than you thought?  Think of the different possibilities that can come up and figure out the full picture.  Embrace different views and do not let the world limit you.

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