Building Your Self-Esteem

Building Your Self-Esteem

At some point in time everyone has some type of self-doubt and low self-esteem.  There are some ways that you can build this self-esteem so that you can increase your happiness and your sense of self-worth.  Remember that you have control in increasing your self-worth and you can do this by changing the way you think and replacing your negative thoughts with encouraging thoughts.

Replace Negative Thoughts

Make sure that you understand why you are saying things that you are saying.  Increase the way that you think from negative to positive and recognize where you are and who you are with that causes you the most negative thoughts.  Try to balance your job and to be around people that speak positively.

Take Notice

Figure out what is going on in your life and take notes.  If you notice that you are falling into negative talk, figure out why and what situation is causing you to do this.  Notice anything that seems like a trend.

Change Your Thinking

Challenge yourself and figure out positive things that you can say to yourself.  Make your brain exercise by taking out the negative and giving yourself a pep-talk.  When you make a mistake, learn to tell yourself this in a positive manner and learn to focus on encouraging yourself.


If you don’t really know how much self-esteem you have, take notice on the different qualities that you have.  Make a list.  If you see that you have more negative listed than positive, try to make the list again and this time put more positive things about yourself.  Remember all of the things you are capable of doing and write them down.


People sometimes forget to point out their successes and they will only focus on the times where they are not perfect. When you are complemented, instead of dismissing it, take hold of it and let it increase your self-esteem.  Having good self-esteem does not make you arrogant, it just allows you to hold on to where you are successful in life.


There is always going to be someone that you feel is better than you.  You have to stop comparing things in your life with others.  Social media causes many people to feel bad about themselves and can cause you to have a lower self-esteem.  You have to remind yourself that people online only share the good things and that you would not want to live someone else’s life.


Learn to take value in yourself and in your body and health.  Listen to your body and avoid things that irritate your or upset you.  Try to eat healthier and do things that make you happy.  Spend time with people that you love and that love you and build you up.


Thinking positively does not happen overnight, especially if you have a habit of being negative.  Take time and increase your sense of self by speaking more positively, by being around people that build you up and by noting your good qualities.  Always feel proud about how far you have come in life and embrace that.

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