Things to do When You Are Lonely

Things to do When You Are Lonely

People all over the world are lonely and sometimes even when you are sitting around, you can feel loneliness creeping in.  In a study, it showed that having friends has decreased over the years making people feel lonelier than they ever have.

Feeling lonely does not mean that you are alone.  You can feel lonely even when you are in a large group of people.  Feeling lone is even more dangerous than isolate and if you are lonely, you have to learn to fight against it.

Just Go

When you go places that are familiar to you, you can feel comfortable and possibly meet other people.  Once you continue to go to certain places, you will begin to have conversations with other people that are there.  Don’t be afraid to talk to people and make social connections.  If you are curious about others, they will be more curious about you.

Date Yourself

The problem with dates is that you don’t know where to go or what to do, but if you go on a date by yourself, you will always go somewhere you like and not have to wait for other people to decide for you.

Loneliness and Isolation

Being lonely is an emotion and it happens after sad memories fill your mind.  The brain causes you to overanalyze things and make you feel lonely.  Having these feelings can make you feel that you are unloved and that no one cares about you.

When you begin to feel lonely, don’t overreact on it and know it’s your mind playing your emotions.

Meet People

Go to the website and you can find a group in your area that people come together with common interests.  This group can be a creative group, a career group and more.  This is a great way to meet new people.

Go to the Movies

Go to the movies by yourself or call a friend to go with you.  Watching a movie can help take your mind off of what is happening in your life.  Also, get you a good treat with some popcorn and candy.


When you focus on what other people need, you will see that some of your problems feel less significant.  Help the homeless or help people to feel loved at the nursing home.  Find something in your area that you can give your time to and help the less fortunate.


Adopting a cat or dog can make you feel less lonely and can help them to be less lonely as well.  A pet can help you to forget your troubles and can help them to find a forever home.

Ask Why

If you aren’t sure why you are lonely, you need to know.  Figure out why you have this problem and how you can get help.   Don’t lose hope and try things that you think will help to take your mind off of what is going on, but most importantly, figure out the cause.  Identify why you are lonely and what in the past made you happy.

Are you lonelier when you are with your family or friends?  Does a certain place make you feel lonelier?  Figuring out the cause can help you find a way to fix it.


Reading a good book can help you to feel less lonely, but not just any book.  Find a book that piques your interest like a good murder mystery.  Reading a self-help book while you are lonely might make you feel worse about yourself.

Find a book with a good character and plot and fill your mind with adventure.


Taking a good, hot bath can help you to relax and feel better about yourself.  Make yourself a glass of wine or some chocolates to eat while you are taking a relaxing bath.  Get a good magazine and use some fluffy bubbles.

Go Anywhere

Get on the bus or take a train and go somewhere random.  Just visit a part or do something that feel adventurous.  Not only can this change your environment, but you might meet new people.


Dancing and doing other physical activities can help you to feel better both physically and mentally.  Put on some music and your dancing shoes and let yourself go.  Dancing like a crazy person will make you feel better and give you a good laugh.


Running or 30 minutes of walking can make a huge difference in your mood.  Being physical can help you to focus on your health and to be happier.

Watch a Fun Show

Watch a show on television that will make you feel good and make you have a good laugh.


Going to a coffee shop is always an adventure.  Go to a coffee shop and sit at the bar or at a table and talk to other people that are there.  Even if you aren’t good at starting conversations, give it a try, you probably won’t see them again anyways.

Joy of Missing Out

When you are on social media, it can cause you to feel even lonelier than you already did.  Instead of looking at everyone else being happy and having fun, have fun with what you are doing.  If you are eating out, pay attention to your food and enjoy it and if you are out with a friend, put your phone down and talk to them.

Make Your Bed

Each morning before you go out, you should make your bed.  Do this and then take a few minutes at night to straighten up the kitchen.  Doing this will make you feel that you have control of your life and will make you feel better.

Look at Pictures

Sit around and drink coffee or tea while looking at some old photographs.  Think about the things that were going on in the picture and see if you can take away your loneliness by thinking of your fun past.

Buy a Camera

Buy yourself a camera and learn to go outside and take pictures of nature.  If you like animals, take pictures of birds or dogs.  If you like sunrises and sunsets, those are good pictures to take as well.

Take a Class

Find a fun class to take such as yoga or a gym class.  Do this to find people that enjoy doing what you do and a group that supports your endeavors.


Keep a journal of all of the things that you are thankful for.  Writing down what you are thankful when you are struggling can give you a different perspective in your life.

Ted Talks

Ted Talks are inspiring videos that are full of motivation and hope.  Find a video about being lonely and feeling that you are worthless and take notes.  Keep the video in your heart.


Nothing makes you feel happier than going on a vacation.  Find a deal at a hotel that is close to you or to a faraway location and take a trip.  Doing this can help you to get rid of your negative thinking and make you feel happier.

Make Something

Find something to make such as crochet or something out of wood.  If that is too hard, make a scrapbook or try a new recipe.  Do something with your time that is fun and creative.

Be Crazy Sometimes

Dress up and go run around the town trying out different restaurants.  Go to spots where tourists go or go to the beach and feed the birds.  Find something to do what is new to you but sounds fun.  Even if you seem crazy, do it anyways and enjoy the moment.

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