How to Forget Someone

How to Forget Someone

Getting over someone and letting them go after they have hurt you can be hard. You have a hard time forgetting them because of the attachment that you have.

You are more than likely more attached to the memories that you have with this person than to actually be attached to the person.

Your mind does this for you to help you not to feel pain and to help you heal but in order to really heal, you have to learn to accept what happened in your relationship and move forward in life.

You have to focus on the good things that you have going for you and be more positive without being so negative.

Each situation is both good and bad and even if it doesn’t feel like you can understand it, someday you will.

Take Away the Trophy

If you have a hard time forgetting someone it can be because you spent so much time with them. You cherished the time you had with them and you acted like they were a god, or they won a trophy in your life.

Things are not the way that we see them always and if you have a hard time forgetting them, look at the negative behavior that they had and how they really treated you. Stop worshipping them and stop letting them control you. Learn to move on in your life.


You need to learn to stop talking about them and thinking about them. You cannot keep wishing things had went differently.

When you do this, you agonize more than ever because you imagine a good side of the story. Learn to distract your mind and keep yourself busy.


Take time for yourself and do things you have always wanted to do. Go on mini vacations or go somewhere you have always dreamed of going.

Disconnect from your normal life and find something new that will take your mind off of things.

Get out of your routine for a while and you will see that this changes you.

Go Out

When you feel down, go out with your friends, or go to a club. Meet new people and form new relationships. Learn to think about your people and who your friends are and embrace them.

Find new friends and have fun in your life.


Stop looking at your past and learn to move forward. Living in the past will get you nowhere and it stops you from meeting someone new. You will see that this relationship didn’t work for a reason.

Live in the present and learn to be your own person. Learn to understand who you are and embrace your life.

Work on You

Learn to work on who you are so that you can forget others. If you are stuck in an emotion, move forward, and let it go. Stop letting things in your life upset you and learn to let go of the past.

Block Them

Delete your ex from your social media and from your phone and block them. By doing this, you won’t dwell on what they are doing or that they have moved on.

This will give you peace of mind and allow you to be courageous and strong. Stop dedicating your time wasting it on them.

Avoid Things of Them

Stop looking at memories or listening to your favorite song as a couple. Do not go to places that you and they frequented but find new things to do.

Change the way that you see things and avoid things that you did together.

If you know that you are going to be at a place that they might visit, try to forget them, or pick somewhere else to go.

New People

Take time to meet new people and to form new relationships. Rekindle old relationships that you stopped using because of your partner.

Do not let your ex control your past and your future. You don’t have to talk about them or think about them when you are with others.

Talking to Them

Delete this person from your life and stop talking to them. Find ways to talk to other people and when you are reminded of them, change your thinking.


Write down your feelings and what is going on in your mind. This can help you to get your feelings and emotions out and to see how far you have come.


Set new goals for your life and reach them. Do whatever it takes to make new skills and to find new happiness. Use your talents and your skills to do new things.

Get goals that keep you distracted and will motivate you to be a better person.


Make sure that you have closure in your life. This is something that you can reach if you keep trying. It is hard to get over someone but if you work on it, you can do this as well. Be the best that you can be and if you need to talk to someone about how you feel, do it.

Life Will Be Good

Believe in your heart that life will be good for you again. Learn to develop who you are and to be happy. Find joy in what you do and do things that make you feel good. Everything in life should be at peace for you.

Life is always changing and learn to embrace this.


It takes time to get over someone that you loved. Do not forget to let yourself grieve and to get over things. Learn to move on when you are ready.

Do not start dating someone new because you are grieving or trying to get over someone else.

Healing a broken heart will take time and you have to learn to separate yourself form things so that you can get closure.

Forgetting this is like reprogramming your mind and it will be easier to deal with over time. Letting go will require you to change and that is okay. Stop letting memories of the good times flood into you and learn to see things in a new light.

This pain is unfortunate, but you have to keep who you are and be strong along your journey. Learn how to let go of someone and know that life will never be perfect.

You cannot be in control of everything, but you can control how you react to things such as your thoughts and emotions.

You will not be able to make someone love you and you cannot control love. You have to be honest with who you are and learn to see life in a different way.

Be more careful about who you let in your life but do not become untrusting. Learn to love others but to be careful. Welcome change in your life. Remind yourself to leave the past in the past and take joy in your new life and freedom.

Never worry about being single just be the best single person that you can be. Get rid of your negative thinking and find new thoughts.

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