Putting Yourself Last

Putting Yourself Last

Stop and think about the last time you asked someone how they were feeling. Now, take time to think about the last time you asked yourself how you were feeling. Chances are you haven’t ever or at least in a long time done that.

This happens because people are not conditioned to turn their feelings inward and to figure out what they are feeling and why. If you are a giving person, chances are you have crossed boundaries with yourself and you have gone out of your way to make sure others are taken care of while you stand and take all of the pain and heartache. Maybe you stay in relationships that should have ended da long time ago or maybe you have been overly compassionate to people that show you no care.

Some people want to jump in and save the world. We want to give to people and try to help make decisions that will save them and take care of them. Instead of caring about our own needs, we put the needs of others ahead of our own and we stay in the background no matter how small we feel.

We do not allow ourselves to feel sad or to take time to really listen to what our emotions are telling us. We miss out on sleep and we do not give ourselves the love that we need.

You are enough and you have done enough. Maybe no one has ever told you that. You have done everything you can to take care of everyone else and now it is the time to start caring for yourself. Learn to have self-love and to make yourself a priority.


You have to learn to put yourself first. Stop taking time for everyone else and learn to love who you are and what you are doing. Put yourself first for once so that you can get stronger.


You have to learn to stop doubting who you are. Do not let other people decide what your worth is. If you feel unlovable, get rid of those people in your life. You deserve to be loved and respected.

New Things

Take time to do new things in your life. Figure out the best things that you can do for yourself. Learn to take time to figure out what you want and need. Look at your future and make it the best it can be. Stop comparing yourself to others and start your own journey.


You have to begin your life with yourself. Start with you and listen to what you need. Listen to the voice inside of you and learn to celebrate who you are.

Love your mind and your body and even if you mess up, remember everyone does. Embrace the fight that you do and the dreams that you have.

Love yourself for working hard and have pride in your personality.

There is no one in the whole world that is like you and you have to embrace the differences and the joy that you bring to this world.

If you are struggling with loving yourself, take time to journal all of the good qualities about yourself and read this each and everyday so that you can practice self-love.

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